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A world of different flavors, night-time haunts and endless walks, Thessaloniki is the ideal destination for bon viveurs, history buffs and culture lovers. A city with a centuries-long history and rich cultural heritage, from Classical Greece and the Roman era to the glory of Byzantium, today the “Bride of the Thermaic Gulf” rightfully claims its place as a metropolitan Balkan hub.

The city was founded in 315 BC by Cassander, who named it after his wife, the sister of Alexander the Great. With approximately one million inhabitants, Greece’s second largest city is a crossroads of cultures where the traces of time are revealed through the numerous monuments that dot its streets and neighborhoods. From the Kastra (walled fortifications) in the Old Town to the impressive Nea Paralia (waterfront), Thessaloniki is a romantic city that seduces visitors with its myriad charms: fine food, sinful desserts, nightlong partying and an omnipresent atmosphere of art and culture.

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Sightseeing in Thessaloniki

White Tower:

Thessaloniki’s landmark dates to the 15th century AD and was initially part of its fortifications. It got its name when a condemned man whitewashed the entire building to save his life!


The Rotunda, an impressive cylindrical 4th century structure, one of the few of its kind, was built along the lines of the Pantheon in Rome. Today it is a venue for temporary exhibitions and events.

Roman Forum:

In the western part of the city, at the junction of Olympou and Filippou streets, you will come across the 2nd century Roman Forum. Today, only the arcade, square and bathhouse survive, along with the Odeon, which is still in use as an open-air theatre.

Church of St Demetrios:

Located on Hagiou Dimitriou Street, the church dedicated to Saint Demetrios has a special significance for the city, as it is built on the spot where the city’s patron saint was martyred during Roman times. Beneath the church there is a crypt and a museum where Early Christian and Byzantine sculptures and other artefacts discovered during excavations are displayed.

Archaeological Museum:

With artefacts from prehistoric, Classical and Hellenistic Macedonia, the museum’s rich collection covers more than 200,000 years of history.Address: M. Andronikou 6, 2310 830538