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Listing your property on Aegean Travel Packages is free, fast & easy.


A game changer that will bring you extra bookings, generating incremental revenue and profit.

Join forces with Aegean Airlines, the flag carrier of Greece, and be part of today’s innovation. Not another OTA, not a classic tour operator – this is a Direct to Consumer Online Sales activity, selling Dynamic Packages to travelers, through a disruptive technology platform.

Provided by Move Group.

Target more than 10M Aegean Airline travelers to Greece
Benefit of Aegean’s global network, bringing the right guests within reach.
Attract New Buyers
Gain more travelers which prefer to buy pre-packaged holidays as they seek peace of mind and simplicity.
Be in a good company
Your property will be bundled with Aegean flights. Proud member of star alliance, the strongest airline alliance worldwide. Since 1999, Aegean have provided full services, premium quality short and medium-haul services.
Manage Availability and Pricing
Dynamically allocate availability and change pricing to optimize bookings. No allotment is required.
Performance-driven channel
You pay reasonable commission only for conversions, when you get real customers, hassle-free.
Control Payments – Right on Time
You receive all payments on check-in date, through virtual credit card. No more bank transfers and delays.
Be Ready for the Post-COVID-19 days
When demand in the desired markets will surge and be served by a changed ecosystem.
Stay at the forefront of technology
Promote your hotel on a new digital platform, on direct contracting without paying the costs of development and maintenance.
Listing your property on
Aegean Travel Packages is free, fast & easy.

How it works

All you have to do is to fill up the form bellow and we'll get back to you. Once agreement is signed, you're on board!

To reach our area contracting manager, please send an email to:


  How do I make sure my property is been promoted on Aegean Travel Packages and Move group platfrom?   


You just need to fill up the "list your property form" to start the process. Our contracting manager will get back to you within few hours to get you onboard with us.

  Is my rates will appear on package only or also as stay only?    


Move platform, operating Aegean Travel packages, promotes packaging only, bundling flights+hotel only. All prices to consumers are bundle price and not separate. So the user can't see the price of the hotel and the flight separately.

  Can you connect to my reservation system?    


Yes. A two-way connection between our platform and Webhotelier b2b module channel manager makes it easy to keep your rates, availability and reservation automatically up to date. If you don't have a connectivity to WebHotelier, you can still, of course, become a partner, fill up the form and our contracting manager will get back to you for further information.

  How does Move Group and Aegean Travel packages fit into my distribution strategy?    


As the distribution ecosystem is evolving, and relying on Global OTAs and Tour operator is becoming too risky for your business, Move Group is offering you an innovation new channel that will bring you new buyers seeking to purchase packages without having to provide allocation or damaging your revenue strategy. Move Group is opening a new world of distribution in which you are in control and will become a key part of your distribution strategy.

  How does Move Group / Aegean Travel packages payments work?    


As we are selling packages including flights to the travelers, we are collecting the payment from the travelers and sending to you a virtual credit card issued by Move Group that you'll charge on traveler check-in date.

  What happens if a guest cancels or is a no-show?    


You'll be advice for any cancellation made by the client directly through your booking system. If a cancellation fee applies, you can charge the virtual card provided by Move Group on the cancellation date.

  Do I have the possibilities for special promotion or marketing tools to get a higher view and reach for my property?    


Of course! We are offering you a wide range of promotional activities such as newsletter, special campaigns, mini-site and more. You'll be alert before each campaign and at any time you can get in contact with our contracting manager for further information.

  I don't operate a customer service for flights, who's in charge to provide customer services to the travelers?    


You won't have to deal with pre-arrival customer service and support. Operating a 24/7 customer support, Move Group is fully responsible to provide the travelers with the highest quality of customer services and support

  Does Aegean Travel packages & Move have bricks & mortar holiday shops ? Do you print brochures ?   


No and no. We are 100% digital (so 100% eco friendly!) and travellers can find us only on the internet.

  Apart from Athens & Thessaloniki, from which other Greek airports is Aegean flying directly abroad?    


For the 2021 summer Aegean has direct flights to Europe from Heraklion, Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu and Kalamata. So if your hotel is near those airports it is definitely worth joining.

  My hotel is not near an airport or in an island with no airport? Can I join?    


Yes, of course you can. We cannot promise to bring you many reservations, however we plan to promote all Greek destinations