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Behind the austere profile of the business-orientated capital of North Rhine - Westphalia hides a vibrant and extroverted metropolis with post-modern architecture and high sophistication, a cradle of fashion and the arts that loves good living. Fly with Aegean Airlines to Düsseldorf and discover the joy of life in the wonderful catwalk-quay on the Rhine. Known as “the world's longest bar”, the historical centre Altstadt is the ultimate meeting point for locals and visitors alike in this German city. Countless bars, cafés and restaurants are stacked here, one next to the other, with the main attraction being the brewpubs, where you can try the famous local Altbier beer.

Come for people-spotting at Burgplatz, one of the most beautiful squares of post-war Germany, roam the renovated district of MedienHafen and admire the futuristic buildings of the port. Discover the long-standing relationship of Düsseldorf with haute couture in the studios of established and up-and-coming designers of the city that set international trends. The aristocratic Königsallee Avenue, the“avenue of the Kings”, with its luxurious boutiques and the glamorous shop windows is one of the best shopping spots in Europe for the aesthetes. 

Sightseeing in Dusseldorf

Neuer Zollhof:

a post-modern complex of three buildings of the 90s bearing the signature of the world-renowned American Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry. Built on the bank of Rhine, these three buildings, like an enormous, futuristic sculpture, dominate the urban scenery of the city with their façades of white limestone, steel and bricks, their sloping walls and curves. Their construction was identified with the radical renovation phase of Düsseldorf's port and today they house offices in the hip district of MedienHafen. Address: Stromstraße 26

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen:

The top art museum of North Rhine - Westphalia and one of the most important museums in Germany. Stretching in three buildings, K20 with its characteristic granite façade at Grabbeplatz, K21 at the former Parliament headquarters and Schmela Haus in the historical district of Düsseldorf. Wandering in its spaces, covering 10,000 square metres in total, you will admire the exceptional collection of 20th century works of art, with works by Klee, Picasso, Matisse, Mondrian and by American pop artists. Address: Grabbeplatz 5, 0049 211 83810.


whatever happening in art now, you are bound to find it here, in Düsseldorf's NRW-Forum, which listens closely and presents the new trends of pop culture, in all modern versions: applied arts, design, advertising, architecture, video art, fashion, comics. It hosts innovative exhibitions and it is home to IMAI institute, which collects and distributes art videos. Address: Ehrenhof 2, 0049 211 89 26 681.

Kunstpalast Museum:

built in the city centre, on Rhine river, this internationally acclaimed museum, houses medieval sculptures, works of the Düsseldorf School of Painting and expressionism, modern photography exhibitions. The jewel in Kunstpalast crown is the Hentrich collection of 3,000 works of art made of glass, which, through the artefacts, is the narrative of 3,500 years of artistic glasswork. Address: Ehrenhof 4-5, 0049 211 89 90 200.  

Benrath Park:

this verdant space in the south area of Benrath in Düsseldorf houses one of the most beautiful baroque palaces of the 18th century. Its interior houses the Museums of European History of Gardens, Natural History and another museum. Relax on the banks of the lake with the ducks, against the backdrop of the elegant pink palace and its blooming gardens. Address: Benrather Schloßallee 100-106.

Düsseldorf Film Museum:

an interactive wandering in the magical world of films, from the very start of the Seventh Art to today. The permanent collection includes collectors' projectors, sets, costumes, a filming studio display, a special effects department allowing visitors to go backstage, extensive archive material and a rich film library. Furthermore, theme specials and screenings are organised in the museum cinema. Address: Schulstraße 4, 00492118992490.

Goethe Museum:

housed in a stately palace of 1772 at the end of Hofgarten garden, it hosts first editions of the works of the German poet and writer, manuscripts, letters, and photographs. The collection is a lifetime’s work of Anton Kippenberg, owner of a historic publishing house of Leipzig, who dedicated fifty years of his life in collecting texts and artefacts related to Goethe. Address: Schloss Jägerhof Jacobistraße 2, 00492118996262


located 68km from Düsseldorf, historic Bonn, was the capital of the former West Germany, Beethoven's birthplace and home to a historic university. Walk in the historic centre, Altstadt, one of the largest urban pedestrian areas in Europe, admire frescoes inspired by the Old Testament in Saint Martin's church, one of the oldest churches of Rhineland. See the old city hall, the Altes Rathaus, a baroque masterpiece of 1737, at Poppelsdorfer Allee Avenue with the magnificent art nouveau buildings, and do visit the house -museum of the composer of the “5th Symphony”, Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born in Bonn in 1770, at 24-26, Bonngasse street