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How Does It Work?
Cookies are messages sent to the browser every time you visit the website. Your browser stores each message in a file that gives us information about your last visit to our web pages. Most web browsers automatically accept the use of cookies, but you can change your browser to control the use of these cookies. Some cookies are essential for you to use a website optimally because they allow you to retrieve the information you have already entered, such as previous selections or whether you are logged in or not.  

Can I Control and Manage Cookies?
Managing your Cookies preferences must be set per each browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). In general, you have several ways to manage cookies, including: allowing or completely disabling cookies, deleting specific cookies that have already been saved by the browser, preventing certain websites from sending cookies to your computer, or blocking third-party cookies (when, while browsing a website, cookies are sent to your computer by another website). Please see the links below for more information on managing cookies with each of the major browsers: